Soul ACCESS is a West Michigan band made up of seven veteran professional musicians who are adept at jazz and blues, as well as being fans of classic pop and soul standards. Every note they play and sing rings true to the musical genres they know and love.


TAMI HJELM - The Songstress. Tami’s been a musical force since singing with her family band at a tender young age and fronting many West Michigan bands such as The Lonesome Canyon Band, The Elaborate Ruse, and The Tami Hjelm Band.







JON MONTGOMERY - The Sax Man. A well-known West Michigan musician, Jon is a popular local legend. His knowledge of jazz and blues knows no bounds, and his warm playing style captures new fans instantly.











SUSAN MORA - The Enchantress. Besides playing violin with The Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra, Susan performs regularly with indie bands, as her violin magically turns into a fiddle.











CHARLIE HOATS - The Bass Man. Another stalwart of the music scene, Charlie has played with many top jazz and blues artists when they visit the West Michigan area. His prowess on his 6-string electric fretless bass is beyond measure.










MIKE HYDE - The Guitar Man.  Mike is ‘The Man’ when it comes to jazz guitar. He is a first-call musician and has played with so many pop and blues bands in his career that he’s lost count.












EDDIE EICHER - The Drummer. Steeped in jazz, blues, and rock, Eddie has made a name for himself in the West Michigan area as a ‘go-to’ musician-for-hire. His ability to nuance the standards and rock the house makes him a necessity.










ROGER MACNAUGHTON - The Keyboard Man. Roger pens the originals for Soul ACCESS and provides the arrangements and leadership for the band. He is an in-demand composer and member of diverse groups such as MacRaven & Mora and Jon Montgomery and RMQ.